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A communal aerial system provides TV signals from one set of aerials to a number of dwellings. Both terrestrial TV (e.g. Freeview) and satellite (e.g. Freesat, Sky) can be carried, and many systems also provide FM radio and DAB radio to residents.

Installing a communal aerial system in a block (sometimes referred to as an MDU, multiple dwelling unit) has numerous advantages, including:

  • ensuring that all residents have equal access, and that TV signals are not limited to flats with a view in the direction of the satellite or terrestrial transmitter;
  • allowing removal of self-provided dishes, which are frequently in breach of planning regulations; in the photo to the right, we have counted 21 dishes!

Mandercom Consultants can help you with communal aerial system projects in the following ways:

  • Deciding on the level of provision, e.g. the number of satellites, the number of outlets in each flat;
  • Technology options: MATV or IRS, coaxial cable or optical fibre, IPTV, etc.;
  • Protection from interference from e.g. 4G/LTE at 800MHz
  • Survey of existing systems;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Pre-qualification questionnaires;
  • Invitations to tender;
  • Tender evaluation and contractor selection;
  • Project management;
  • Acceptance testing/installation auditing.

We have numerous satisfied customers: local authorities, housing associations, TMOs, ALMOs, etc., and would be pleased to provide references.

We would be pleased to discuss your project with you, and to determine the level of support you require. Contact us via this form.



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