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TV signal transmission, reception and distribution
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Mandercom Consultants specialises in TV signal transmission, reception and distribution.

In the social and private housing sectors, we provide impartial advice and support to landlords on all aspects of communal aerial systems. We are independent of both installation contractors and equipment providers.

We provide training and seminars on broadcast technology to engineers and technicians of all levels.

We carry out TV signal surveys, for example to identify the impact of new buildings on TV reception in neighbouring areas.

We are active in industry bodies such as the DVB Project in Geneva, and the UK's Confederation of Aerial Industries.

We have extensive experience of satellite systems for both uplinking and reception.

We have experience of coexistence of services, such as 4G/LTE, TV White Space and terrestrial TV.

If you think Mandercom Consultants could assist you in any of these areas, we would be pleased to hear from you. Contact us via this form.


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